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Written by EV. Peter Yokson   
Friday, 27 July 2012 19:35
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank God for this email from Ev.Peter, from the list above it will be helpful for guidance on our personal daily devotion. May God keep and strengthen us


Subject: Genesis 1: God creates heaven, earth, plants, animals and man

Genesis 1: God creates heaven, earth, plants, animals and man
1. God creates heaven and earth;
3. the light;
6. the firmament;
9. separates the dry land;
14. forms the sun, moon, and stars;
20. fishes and fowls;
24. cattle, wild beasts, and creeping things;
26. creates man in his own image, blesses him;
29. grants the fruits of the earth for food.
Genesis 2: Adam and Eve's Beginning in the garden of Eden
1. The first Sabbath.
4. Further details concerning the manner of creation.
8. The planting of the garden of Eden, and its situation;
15. man is placed in it; and the tree of knowledge forbidden.
18. The animals are named by Adam.
21. The making of woman, and the institution of marriage.
Genesis 3: Adam and Eve's sin and expulsion from the Garden
1. The serpent deceives Eve.
6. Both she and Adam transgress the divine command, and fall into sin.
8. God arraigns them.
14. The serpent is cursed.
15. The promised seed.
16. The punishment of mankind.
21. Their first clothing.
22. Their expulsion from paradise.
Genesis 4: Cain kills Abel; his curse and descendants
1. The birth, occupation, and offerings of Cain and Abel.
8. Cain murders his brother Abel.
11. The curse of Cain.
17. Has a son called Enoch, and builds a city, which he calls after his name.
18. His descendants, with Lamech and his two wives.
25. The birth of Seth,
26. and Enos.
Genesis 5: Descendants from Adam to Noah
1. Recapitulation of the creation of man.
3. The genealogy, age, and death of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah.
22. Enoch's godliness and translation into Heaven.
25. The family line of Methuselah to Noah and his sons
Genesis 6: God's Mercy on Noah in the midst of Man's Wickedness
1. The wickedness of the world, which provoked God's wrath.
8. Noah finds grace.
9. His family line
14. The order, form, dimensions, and building of the ark.
Genesis 7: The Great Flood
1. Noah, his family and the living creatures enter the ark.
6. The flood begins.
17. The increase of the flood for forty days.
21. All flesh is destroyed by it.
24. Its duration of 150 days.
Genesis 8: The Flood Subsides and the Ark Rests on Mount Ararat
1. God remembers Noah and calms the waters.
4. The ark rests on Ararat.
6. Noah sends forth a raven and then a dove.
13. Noah, being commanded, goes forth from the ark.
20. He builds an altar, and offers sacrifices,
21. which God accepts, and promises to curse the earth no more.
Genesis 9: The Covenant of the Rainbow
1. God blesses Noah and his sons, and grants them flesh for food.
4. Blood and murder are forbidden.
8. God's covenant, of which the rainbow was constituted a pledge.
18. Noah's family replenishes the world.
20. Noah plants a vineyard,
21. Is drunken, and mocked by his son;
25. Curses Canaan;
26. Blesses Shem;
27. Prays for Japheth, and dies.
Genesis 10: Descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth
1. The generations of Noah.
2. Japheth.
6. Ham.
8. Nimrod becomes the first monarch; the descendants of Canaan.
21. The sons of Shem.
Genesis 11: Tower of Babel; Shem's Descendants to Abraham
1. One language in the world.
2. The building of Babel.
5. It is interrupted by the confusion of tongues, and the builders dispersed.
10. The generations of Shem.
27. The generations of Terah, the father of Abram.
31. Terah, with Abram and Lot, move from Ur to Haran.
Genesis 12: God Sends Abram to Egypt
1. God calls Abram, and blesses him with a promise of Christ.
4. He departs with Lot from Haran, and comes to Canaan.
6. He journeys through Canaan,
7. which is promised to him in a vision.
10. He is driven by famine into Egypt.
11. Fear makes him feign his wife to be his sister.
14. Pharaoh, having taken her from him, is compelled to restore her.
18. Pharaoh reproves Abram, whom he dismisses.
Genesis 13: Abram and Lot Part Ways; Abram Promised Many Descendants
1. Abram and Lot return with great riches out of Egypt.
6. Strife arises between Abram's herdsmen and those of Lot.
8. Abram allows Lot to choose his part of the country,
10. and Lot goes toward Sodom.
14. God renews his promise to Abram.
18. He moves to Hebron, and there builds an altar.
Genesis 14: Abram Rescues Lot and Receives a Blessing from Melchizedek
1. The battle of four kings against the king of Sodom and his allies.
12. Lot is taken prisoner.
14. Abram rescues him.
17. Melchizedek blesses Abram, who gives him tithes.
21. Abram restores the rest of the spoil to the king of Sodom.
Genesis 15: God's Covenant with Abram
1. God encourages Abram, who asks for an heir.
4. God promises him a son, and a multiplying of his seed.
6. Abram is justified by faith.
7. Canaan is promised again,
9. and confirmed by a sign, and a vision,
18. prophetic of the condition of his posterity till brought out of Egypt.
Genesis 16: Sarai, Hagar, and Ishmael
1. Sarai, being barren, gives Hagar to Abram.
4. Hagar, being afflicted for despising her mistress, runs away.
7. An angel commands her to return and submit herself,
10. promises her a numerous posterity,
12. and shows their character and condition.
13. Hagar names the place, and returns to Sarai.
15. Ishmael is born.
16. The age of Abram.
Genesis 17: The Covenant of Circumcision
1. God renews the covenant with Abram,
5. and changes his name to Abraham, in token of a greater blessing.
9. Circumcision is instituted.
15. Sarai's name is changed to Sarah, and she is blessed.
17. Isaac is promised, and the time of his birth fixed.
23. Abraham and Ishmael are circumcised.
Genesis 18: God Promises the birth of Isaac; Abram Pleads for Sodom
1. The Lord appears to Abraham, who entertains angels.
9. Sarah is reproved for laughing at the promise of a son.
16. The destruction of Sodom is revealed to Abraham.
23. Abraham makes intercession for its inhabitants.
Genesis 19: The Destruction of Sodom; Lot's daughters give birth
1. Lot entertains two angels.
4. The vicious Sodomites are smitten with blindness.
12. Lot is warned, and in vain warns his sons-in-law.
15. He is directed to flee to the mountains, but obtains leave to go into Zoar.
24. Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.
26. Lot's wife looks back and becomes a pillar of salt.
29. Lot dwells in a cave.
31. The incestuous origin of Moab and Ammon.
Genesis 20: Abraham, Sarah and Abimelech
1. Abraham sojourns at Gerar.
2. Denies his wife, who is taken by Abimelech.
3. Abimelech is reproved for her in a dream.
9. He rebukes Abraham.
14. Restores Sarah;
16. and reproves her.
17. Abimelech and his family are healed at Abraham's prayer.
Genesis 21: Isaac Born; Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away; Treaty at Beersheba
1. Isaac is born, and circumcised.
6. Sarah's joy.
8. Isaac is weaned.
9. Hagar and Ishmael sent away.
15. Hagar in distress.
17. The angel relieves and comforts her.
23. Abimelech's covenant with Abraham at Beersheba.
Genesis 22: The Offering of Isaac; Nahor's sons
1. Abraham is tested with the command to offer Isaac.
3. He gives proof of his faith and obedience.
11. The angel prevents him.
13. Isaac is exchanged for a ram.
14. The place is called Jehovah-jireh.
15. Abraham is again blessed.
20. The generations of Nahor unto Rebekah.
Genesis 23: Death and Burial of Sarah
1. The age and death of Sarah.
3. The purchase of the field and cave of Machpelah;
19. where Sarah is buried.
Genesis 24: Isaac and Rebekah
1. Abraham swears his servant.
10. The servant's journey.
12. His prayer.
14. His sign.
15. Rebekah meets him;
18. fulfils his sign;
22. receives jewels;
23. shows her kindred;
25. and invites him home.
26. The servant blesses God.
29. Laban entertains him.
34. The servant shows his message.
50. Laban and Bethuel approve it.
58. Rebekah consents to go, and departs.
62. Isaac meets and marries her.
Genesis 25: Abraham's Death; Ishmael, Jacob and Esau
1. The sons of Abraham by Keturah.
5. The division of his goods.
7. His age, death, and burial.
11. God blesses Isaac.
12. The generations of Ishmael.
17. His age and death.
19. Isaac prays for Rebekah, being barren.
22. The children strive in her womb.
24. The birth of Esau and Jacob.
27. Their different characters and pursuits.
29. Esau sells his birthright.
Genesis 26: Isaac and Abimelech
1. Isaac, because of famine, sojourns in Gerar, and the Lord blesses him.
7. He is reproved by Abimelech for denying his wife.
12. He grows rich, and the Philistines envy his prosperity.
18. He digs wells.
23. God appears to him at Beersheba, and blesses him;
26. and Abimelech makes a covenant with him.
34. Esau's wives.
Genesis 27: Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessing
1. Isaac sends Esau for venison.
6. Rebekah instructs Jacob to obtain the blessing.
14. Jacob, feigning to be Esau, obtains it.
30. Esau brings venison.
33. Isaac trembles.
34. Esau complains, and by importunity obtains a blessing.
41. He threatens Jacob's life.
42. Rebekah disappoints him, by sending Jacob away.
Genesis 28: Jacob's Flight to Laban and Vision of a ladder
1. Isaac blesses Jacob, and sends him to Padan-aram.
6. Esau marries Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael.
10. Jacob journeys, and has a vision of a ladder.
18. The stone of Bethel.
20. Jacob's vow.
Genesis 29: Jacob Meets Rachel, Serves Laban, Marries Rachel and Leah
1. Jacob comes to the well of Haran.
9. He becomes acquainted with Rachel.
13. Laban entertains him.
18. Jacob covenants for Rachel.
23. He is deceived by Laban with Leah.
28. He marries also Rachel, and serves for her seven years more.
32. Leah bears Reuben;
33. Simeon;
34. Levi;
35. and Judah.
Genesis 30: Jacob and His Sons Prosper
1. Rachel, in grief for her barrenness, gives Bilhah her maid unto Jacob.
5. Bilhah bears Dan and Naphtali.
9. Leah gives Zilpah her maid, who bears Gad and Asher.
14. Reuben finds mandrakes,
15. with which Leah buys her husband's company of Rachel.
17. Leah bears Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah.
22. Rachel bears Joseph.
25. Jacob desires to depart.
27. Laban detains him on a new agreement.
37. Jacob's policy, whereby he becomes rich.
Genesis 31: Jacob Leaves for Canaan; Laban Pursues
1. Jacob, displeased with the envy of Laban and his sons, departs secretly.
19. Rachel steals her father's household gods.
22. Laban pursues after him, and complains of the wrong.
34. Rachel's plan to hide the images.
36. Jacob's complaint of Laban.
43. The covenant of Laban and Jacob at Galeed.
Genesis 32: Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau, Wrestles with God
1. Jacob's vision at Mahanaim.
3. His message to Esau.
6. He is afraid of Esau's coming.
9. He prays for deliverance.
13. He sends a present to Esau, and passes the brook Jabbok.
24. He wrestles with an angel at Peniel, where he is called Israel.
31. He halts.
Genesis 33: Jacob Meets Esau, Settles in Shechem
1. Jacob and Esau's meeting; and Esau's departure.
17. Jacob comes to Succoth.
18. At Shechem he buys a field, and builds an altar, called El Elohe Israel.
Genesis 34: Shechem Defiles Dinah and is Avenged by Jacob
1. Dinah is ravished by Shechem.
4. He requests to marry her.
13. The sons of Jacob offer the condition of circumcision to the Shechemites.
20. Hamor and Shechem persuade them to accept it.
25. The sons of Jacob upon that advantage slay them, and spoil their city.
30. Jacob reproves Simeon and Levi.
Genesis 35: Jacob Returns to Bethel; Jacob Named Israel; Deaths of Rachel and Isaac
1. God commands Jacob to go to Bethel.
2. He purges his house of idols.
6. He builds an altar at Bethel.
8. Deborah dies at Allon Bacuth.
9. God blesses Jacob at Bethel.
10. Jacob Named Israel.
16. Rachel travails of Benjamin, and dies in the way to Edar.
22. Reuben lies with Bilhah.
23. The sons of Jacob.
27. Jacob comes to Isaac at Hebron.
28. The age, death, and burial of Isaac.
Genesis 36: Descendants of Esau; Kings of Edom
1. Esau's three wives.
6. His removal to mount Seir.
9. His sons.
15. The dukes which descended of his sons.
20. The sons and dukes of Seir the Horite.
24. Anah finds mules.
31. The kings of Edom.
40. The dukes that descended of Esau.
Genesis 37: Joseph's Dreams and Betrayal by His Brothers
1. Joseph is loved by Jacob, but hated by his brothers.
5. His dreams and the interpretation.
12. Jacob sends him to his brothers, who counsel to slay him.
21. At Reuben's desire they cast him into a pit;
25. and afterwards sell him to the Ishmaelites;
29. while Ruben grieves at not finding him.
31. His coat, covered with blood, is sent to Jacob, who mourns him inordinately.
36. Joseph is brought to Egypt and sold to Potiphar.
Genesis 38: Judah and Tamar
1. Judah begets Er, Onan, and Shelah.
6. Er's marriage with Tamar, and death.
8. The trespass of Onan.
11. Tamar is reserved for Shelah.
12. Judah's wife dies.
13. Tamar deceives Judah.
27. She bears twins, Pharez and Zarah.
Genesis 39: Joseph's Success; Potiphar's Wife; Joseph Imprisoned
1. Joseph is bought by Potiphar, and preferred in the family.
7. He resists temptation by Potiphar's Wife.
13. He is falsely accused by her.
20. He is cast into prison.
21. God is with him there, and he is advanced by the keeper of prison.
Genesis 40: Joseph Interprets the Cupbearer and the Baker's Dreams
1. The chief butler and baker of Pharaoh are also imprisoned.
5. Joseph interprets their dreams.
20. They are accomplished according to his interpretation.
23. The ingratitude of the butler, in forgetting Joseph.
Genesis 41: Pharaoh's Dream; Joseph's Interpretation and Reward
1. Pharaoh has two dreams.
9. Joseph interprets them.
33. He gives Pharaoh counsel, and is highly advanced, and married.
46. The seven years of plenty.
50. He begets children.
53. The famine begins.
Genesis 42: Joseph's Brothers Sent to Egypt, Simeon Detained
1. Jacob sends his ten sons to buy grain in Egypt.
16. They are imprisoned by Joseph as spies.
18. They are set at liberty, on condition to bring Benjamin.
21. They have remorse for Joseph.
24. Simeon is kept for a pledge.
25. They return with grain, and their money.
29. Their relation to Jacob.
36. Jacob refuses to send Benjamin.
Genesis 43: The Return to Egypt with Benjamin
1. Jacob is persuaded to send Benjamin.
15. Joseph entertains his brothers.
19. They discover their fears to the steward.
26. Joseph makes them a feast.
Genesis 44: Benjamin and the Silver Cup
1. Joseph's policy to stay his brothers.
6. The silver cup is found in Benjamin's sack.
14. They are brought before Joseph.
18. Judah's humble supplication to Joseph.
Genesis 45: Joseph Makes Himself Known and Forgives His Brothers
1. Joseph makes himself known to his brothers.
5. He comforts them in God's providence.
9. He sends for his father.
16. Pharaoh confirms it.
21. Joseph furnishes then for their journey.
25. Jacob is revived with the news.
Genesis 46: Jacob and His Family Move to Egypt
1. Jacob is comforted by God at Beersheba.
5. Thence he with his company goes into Egypt.
8. The number of his family that went into Egypt.
28. Joseph meets Jacob.
31. He instructs his brothers how to answer Pharaoh.
Genesis 47: Jacob to Goshen; Israelites Multiply; Joseph and the Famine
1. Joseph presents his father, and five of his brothers before Pharaoh.
11. He gives them habitation and maintenance.
13. He gets the Egyptian's money;
16. their cattle;
18. and their lands, except the priests', to Pharaoh.
23. He restores the land for a fifth.
28. Jacob's age.
29. He swears Joseph to bury him with his fathers.
Genesis 48: Jacob's Illness; Manasseh and Ephraim
1. Joseph with his sons visits his sick father.
2. Jacob strengthens himself to bless them.
3. He repeats God's promise.
5. He takes Ephraim and Manasseh as his own sons.
7. He tells Joseph of his mother's grave.
8. He blesses Ephraim and Manasseh.
17. He prefers the younger before the elder.
21. He prophesies their return to Canaan.
Genesis 49: Jacob's Blessing to His Sons; Jacob's Death
1. Jacob calls his sons to bless them.
3. Their blessing in particular.
29. He charges them about his burial.
33. He dies.
Genesis 50: Burial of Jacob; Death of Joseph
1. The mourning for Jacob.
4. Joseph gets leave of Pharaoh to go to bury him.
7. The funeral.
15. Joseph comforts his brothers, who crave his pardon.
22. His age.
23. He sees the third generation of his sons.
24. He prophesies unto his brothers of their return.
25. He takes an oath of them concerning his bones.
26. He dies, and is put into a coffin.
Exodus 1: Israelites Multiply; Oppression in Egypt
1. The children of Israel, after Joseph's death, increase.
8. The more they are oppressed by a new king, the more they multiply.
15. The godliness of the midwives in saving the male children alive.
22. Pharaoh commands the male children to be cast into the river
Exodus 2: Birth, Adoption and Escape of Moses
1. Moses is born, and placed in a basket in the reeds of Nile.
5. He is found, and brought up by Pharaoh's daughter;
7. who employs his mother to nurse him.
11. He kills an Egyptian.
13. He reproves a Hebrew.
15. He flees into Midian, and marries Zipporah.
22. Gershom is born.
23. God respects the Israelites' cry.
Exodus 3: Moses and the Burning Bush
1. Moses keeps Jethro's flock.
2. God appears to him in a burning bush.
9. He sends him to deliver Israel.
13. The name of God.
15. His message to Israel, and Pharaoh, whose opposition is foretold.
20. He is assured of Israel's deliverance.
Exodus 4: Miraculous Signs through Moses; Aaron as Mouthpiece; Moses Returns
1. Moses's rod is turned into a serpent.
6. His hand is leprous.
10. He loathes his calling.
13. Aaron is appointed to assist him.
18. Moses departs from Jethro.
21. God's message to Pharaoh.
24. Zipporah circumcises her son.
27. Aaron is sent to meet Moses.
29. The people believe them.
Exodus 5: Pharaoh Rejects Moses' Plea and Increases the Israelites' Labor
1. Pharaoh chides Moses and Aaron for their message.
6. He increases the Israelites' task.
16. He ignores their complaints.
19. They cry out to Moses and Aaron.
22. Moses complains to God.
Exodus 6: God Promises to Deliver the Families of Israel
1. God renews his promise by his name JEHOVAH
9. Moses vainly attempts to encourage the Israelites
10. He and Aaron are again sent to Pharaoh
14. Genealogies of Reuben, Simeon and Levi, of whom came Moses and Aaron
26. The history resumed
Exodus 7: Aaron's Staff; Plague of Blood
1. Moses and Aaron are encouraged to go again to Pharaoh
8. Aaron's rod is turned into a serpent
11. The sorcerers do the like; but their rods are swallowed up by Aaron's
13. Pharaoh's heart is hardened
14. God's message to Pharaoh
19. The river is turned into blood; and the consequent distress of the Egyptians
Exodus 8: Plagues of Frogs, Gnats and Flies
1. Frogs are sent
8. Pharaoh complains to Moses, who by prayer removes them
16. The dust is turned into lice, which the magicians could not do
20. The plague of flies
25. Pharaoh inclines to let the people go, but yet is hardened
Exodus 9: Plagues of Livestock, Boils and Hail
1. The plague on livestock
8. The plague of boils
13. The message of Moses about the hail,
22. The plague of hail
27. Pharaoh pleads with Moses, but yet is hardened
Exodus 10: Plagues of Locusts and Darkness
1. God threatens to send locusts
7. Pharaoh, moved by his servants, inclines to let the Israelites go
12. The plague of the locusts
16. Pharaoh entreats Moses
21. The plague of darkness
24. Pharaoh again entreats Moses, but yet is hardened
Exodus 11: The Plague on the Firstborn
1. God's message to the Israelites to borrow jewels of their neighbors
4. Moses threatens Pharaoh with the death the firstborn
Exodus 12: Passover; Feast; Memorial; Pharaoh Urges Exodus
1. The beginning of the year is changed
3. The Passover is instituted
11. The import of the rite of the Passover
15. Unleavened bread
29. The firstborn are slain
31. The Israelites are driven out of the land
37. They come to Succoth
41. The time of their sojourning
43. The ordinance of the Passover
Exodus 13: Consecration of the Firstborn; God Leads the People out
1. The firstborn are sanctified to God
3. The memorial of the Passover is commanded
11. The firstborn of man and beast are set apart
17. The Israelites go out of Egypt, and carry Joseph's bones with them.
20. They come to Etham
21. God guides them by a pillar of a cloud, and a pillar of fire
Exodus 14: Pharaoh Pursues; The Red Sea is Parted
1. God instructs the Israelites in their journey
5. Pharaoh pursues after them
10. The Israelites murmur
13. Moses comforts them
15. God instructs Moses
19. The cloud removes behind the camp
21. The Israelites pass through the Red sea, which drowns the Egyptians
Exodus 15: Song of Moses and Miriam; The Lord Provides Water
1. The song of Moses, Miriam, and Israel on their deliverance
22. The people want water in the desert
23. The waters at Marah are bitter,
24. they murmur,
25. Moses prays, and sweetens the waters by God's direction
27. They encamp at Elim, where are twelve wells, and seventy palm trees
Exodus 16: Manna, Quail and the Sabbath
1. The Israelites come to Sin, and murmur for want of bread
4. God promises them bread and meat from heaven, and they are rebuked
13. Quail and manna are sent
16. The ordering of manna
25. It was not to be found on the Sabbath
32. An omer of it is preserved
Exodus 17: Water from the Rock; the Defeat of the Amalekites
1. The people murmur for water to Rephidim
6. God send them for water to the rock in Horeb
7. The place is called Massah and Meribah
8. Amalek is overcome by Joshua, while Moses holds up his hand
14. Amalek is doomed to destruction; and Moses builds the altar Jehovah-nissi
Exodus 18: Jethro Visits and Counsels Moses
1. Jethro brings his wife and two sons to Moses
7. Moses entertains him, and relates the goodness of the Lord
9. Jethro rejoices, blesses God, and offers sacrifice
13. He gives good counsel, which is accepted
27. Jethro departs
Exodus 19: Moses and the Lord at Mount Sinai
1. The people arrive at Sinai
3. God's message by Moses unto the people out of the mount
8. The people are prepared against the third day, for the giving of the law
12. The mountain must not be touched
16. The fearful presence of God upon the mount
Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments
1. The ten commandments are spoken by Jehovah
18. The people are afraid, but Moses comforts them
21. Idolatry is forbidden
23. Of what sort the altar should be
Exodus 21: Ordinances for Servants and Personal Injuries
1. Laws for men servants
5. For the servant whose ear is bored
7. For women servants
12. For manslaughter
16. For kidnappers
17. For cursers of parents
18. For smiters
22. For a hurt by chance
28. For an ox that gores
33. For him who is an occasion of harm
Exodus 22: Property Rights and Social Laws
1. Of Theft
5. Of damage
7. Of trespasses
14. Of borrowing
16. Of fornication
18. Of witchcraft
19. Of bestiality
20. Of idolatry
21. Of strangers, widows, and fatherless
25. Of usury
26. Of pledges
28. Of reverence to magistrates
29. Of the first fruits
31. Of torn flesh
Exodus 23: Laws of Justice, Mercy, Sabbath, Annual Festivals, Conquest
1. Of slander, false witness, and partiality
4. Of charitableness
6. Of justice in judgment
8. Of taking bribes
9. Of oppressing a stranger
10. Of the year of rest
12. Of the Sabbath
13. Of idolatry
14. Of the three feasts
18. Of the blood and the fat of the sacrifice
20. An angel is promised, with a blessing, if they obey him
Exodus 24: The People Affirm Their Covenant with God
1. Moses is called up into the mountain
3. The people promise obedience
4. Moses builds an altar, and twelve pillars.
6. He sprinkles the blood of the covenant
9. The glory of God appears
14. Aaron and Hur have the charge of the people
15. Moses goes into the mountain, where he continues forty days and forty nights.
Exodus 25: Tabernacle Offerings, Ark, Table, and Lampstand
1. What the Israelites were to offer for the building of the tabernacle
10. The dimensions of the ark
17. The mercy seat, with the cherubim
23. The table of show bread, with the furniture thereof
31. The golden candlestick, with the instruments thereof
Exodus 26: Instructions for the Tabernacle: Curtains, Boards and Veil
1. The ten curtains of the tabernacle
7. The eleven curtains of goats' hair, the covering of rams' and badgers' skins.
15. The boards of the tabernacle, with their sockets and bars
31. The veil for the ark
36. The hanging for the door
Exodus 27: Instructions for the Altar and Courtyard, Oil for the Lampstand
1. The altar of burnt offering, with the vessels thereof
9. The court of the tabernacle enclosed with hangings and pillars
18. The measure of the court, and the furniture of brass
20. The oil for the lamp
Exodus 28: Priestly Garments, Ephod, Breastpiece
1. Aaron and his sons are set apart for the priest's office
2. Holy garments are appointed
6. The ephod and girdle
15. The breast-plate with twelve precious stones
30. The Urim and Thummim
31. The robe of the ephod, with pomegranates and bells
36. The plate of the mitre
39. The embroidered coat
40. The garments for Aaron's sons
Exodus 29: Consecration, Sacrifices, Food of the Priests
1. The sacrifice and ceremonies of consecrating the priests and the altar
38. The continual burnt offerings
45. God's promise to dwell among the children of Israel
Exodus 30: Altar of Incense, Atonement Money, Basin, Anointing oil
1. The altar of incense
11. The ransom of souls
17. The bronze basin
22. The holy anointing oil
34. The composition of the incense
Exodus 31: Craftsmen Bezaleel and Aholiah; the Sabbath Explained
1. Bezaleel and Aholiah are appointed for the work of the tabernacle
12. The observation of the Sabbath is again commanded
18. Moses receives the two tablets
Exodus 32: The Golden Calf and Moses' Anger
1. The people in the absence of Moses, caused Aaron to make a calf
7. God informs Moses, who intercedes for Israel, and prevails
15. Moses comes down with the tablets
19. He breaks them
20. He destroys the calf
22. Aaron's excuse for himself
25. Moses causes the idolaters to be slain
30. He prays for the people
Exodus 33: Moses Resumes the Journey and Intercedes for the Israelites
1. The Lord refuses to go as he had promised with the people
4. The people mourn there
7. The tabernacle is removed out of the camp
9. The Lord talks familiarly with Moses
12. Moses prevails with God, and desires to see his glory
Exodus 34: Tablets Replaced; Covenant Renewed; Radiant Face of Moses
1. The tablets are replaced
5. The name of the Lord proclaimed
8. Moses entreats God to go with them
10. God makes a covenant with them, repeating certain duties
28. Moses after forty days on the mount, comes down with the tablets
29. His face is radiant, and he covers it with a veil
Exodus 35: Sabbath Rules; Workmen and Gifts for the Tabernacle
1. The Sabbath
4. The free gifts for the tabernacle
20. The readiness of the people to offer
30. Bezaleel and Aholiab are called to the work
Exodus 36: Bezalel and Oholiab; Gifts; Tabernacle Construction
1. The offerings are delivered to the workmen
4. The generosity of the people is restrained
8. The curtains with cherubim
14. The curtains of goats' hair
19. The covering of skins
20. The boards with their sockets
31. The bars
35. The veil
37. The hanging for the door
Exodus 37: Ark, Table, Lampstand, Altar of Incense
1. The ark and mercy seat with cherubim made
10. The table of showbread with its vessels
17. The candlestick with its lamps and instruments
25. The altar of incense
29. The anointing oil and sweet incense
Exodus 38: Altar of Burnt Offering, Basin, Courtyard Completed; Costs Totaled
1. The altar of burnt offering
8. The laver of brass
9. The court, and its hangings
21. The sum of what the people offered, and the use to which it was applied
Exodus 39: The Priestly Garments; Moses Inspects the Completed Work
1. The cloths of service and holy garments.
2. The ephod
8. The breast-plate
22. The robe of the ephod
27. The coats, mitre, and girdle of fine linen
30. The plate of the holy crown
32. All is finished, reviewed, and approved by Moses
Exodus 40: Tabernacle Erected and Filled by the Glory of the Lord
1. The tabernacle is commanded to be reared, anointed, and consecrated
13. Aaron and his sons to be sanctified
16. Moses performs all things accordingly
34. A cloud covers the tabernacle
Leviticus 1: Burnt Offerings
1. The law of burnt offerings
3. of the herd
10. of the flocks
14. of the fowls
Leviticus 2: Grain Offerings
1. The meat offering with oil and incense
4. either baked in the oven
5. or on a plate
7. or in a frying pan
12. The first fruits not to be burnt on the altar,
13. Salt to be used with every offering
14. The offering of first fruits
Leviticus 3: Peace Offerings
1. The peace offering of the herd
6. whether a sheep
7. whether a lamb
12. or a goat
17. A prohibition to eat fat or blood
Leviticus 4: Sin Offerings
1. The sin offering of ignorance
3. for the priest
13. for the congregation
22. for the ruler
27. for any of the people
Leviticus 5: Guilt Offerings
1. He who sins in concealing his knowledge
2. in touching an unclean thing
4. or in making an oath
6. His trespass offering, of the flock
7. of fowls
11. or of flour
14. The trespass offering in sacrilege
17. and in sins of ignorance
Leviticus 6: Regulations for Burnt, Grain and Sin Offerings
1. The trespass offering for sins done wittingly
8. The law of the burnt offering
14. and of the meat offering
19. The offering at the consecration of a priest
24. The law of the sin offering
Leviticus 7: Regulations for Guilt and Fellowship Offerings; the Priests' Share
1. The law of the trespass offering
11. and of the peace offering
12. whether it be for a thanksgiving
16. or a vow, or a free will offering
22. the fat and the blood are forbidden
28. The priests' portion in the peace offerings
35. The whole summed up
Leviticus 8: Aaron and His Sons Consecrated
1. Moses consecrates Aaron and his sons
14. Their sin offering
18. Their burnt offering
22. The ram of consecration
31. The place and time of their consecration
Leviticus 9: Aaron Offers Sacrifices
1. The first offerings of Aaron, for himself and the people
8. The sin offering
12. and the burn offering for himself
15. the offerings for the people
23. Moses and Aaron bless the people
24. Fire comes from the Lord, upon the altar
Leviticus 10: The Sin and Death of Nadab and Abihu
1. Aadab and Abihu, for offering strange fire, are burnt by fire
6. Aaron and his sons are forbidden to mourn for them
8. The priests are forbidden wine when they are to go into the tabernacle
12. The law of eating the holy things
16. Aaron's excuse for transgressing thereof
Leviticus 11: Laws of Clean and Unclean Food
1. What animals may be eaten
4. and what may not be eaten
9. What fishes
13. What fowls
29. The creeping things which are unclean
Leviticus 12: Purification after Childbirth
1. The purification of a woman after childbirth
6. Her offerings for her purifying
Leviticus 13: Rules for Skin Diseases, Mildew
1. The laws whereby the priest is to be guided in discerning the leprosy.
Leviticus 14: Cleansing from Skin Diseases and Mildew
1. The rites and sacrifices in cleansing the leper
33. The signs of leprosy in a house
48. The cleansing of that house
Leviticus 15: Cleansing Unhealthy Discharges
1. The uncleanness of men in their issues
13. The cleansing of them
19. The uncleanness of women in their issues
28. Their cleansing
Leviticus 16: The Day of Atonement
1. how the high priest must enter into the holy place
11. The sin offering for himself
15. The sin offering for the people
20. The scapegoat
29. The yearly feast of the expiations
Leviticus 17: Blood Designated for Atonement, Forbidden as Food
1. The blood of slain beasts must be offered to the Lord at the tabernacle door
7. They must not offer to idols
10. All eating of blood is forbidden
15. and of all that dies by itself, or is torn
Leviticus 18: Laws on Sexual Relations
1. Unlawful marriages and unlawful lusts
Leviticus 19: Idolatry Forbidden; Various Laws
1. A repetition of various laws
Leviticus 20: Punishments for Sins
1. Of him who gives his seed to Moloch
4. Of him who favors such an one
6. Of going to wizards
7. Of sanctification
9. Of him who curses his parents
11. Of incest
13. Of sodomy
15. Of bestiality
18. Of uncleanness
22. Obedience is required with holiness
27. Wizards must be put to death
Leviticus 21: Regulations for Priests
1. Of the priests' mourning
6. Of their holiness
7. Of their marriages
8. Of their estimation
9. Of the high priest's holiness
10. Of his marriage
13. The priests that have blemishes must not minister in the sanctuary
Leviticus 22: Rules for Priests and Flawless Sacrifices
1. The priests in their uncleanness must abstain from the holy things
6. How they shall be cleansed
10. Who of the priest's house may eat of the holy things
17. The sacrifices must be without blemish
26. The age of the sacrifice
29. The law of eating the sacrifice of thanksgiving
Leviticus 23: Feasts of Weeks, Trumpets, Tabernacles; Day of Atonement
1. The feasts of the Lord
3. the Sabbath
4. The Passover
9. The sheaf of firstfruits
15. The feast of Pentecost
22. Gleanings to be left for the poor
23. The feast of trumpets
26. The day of atonement
33. The feast of tabernacles
Leviticus 24: Lamp and Bread; Blasphemer Stoned; Eye for Eye
1. The oil for the lamps
5. The showbread
10. Shelomith's son blasphemes
13. The law of blasphemy
17. Of murder
18. Of damage
23. The blasphemer is stoned
Leviticus 25: The Sabbath Year and Year of Jubilee
1. the Sabbath of the seventh year
8. The jubilee in the fiftieth year
14. Of oppression
18. A blessing of obedience
23. The redemption of land
29. Of houses
35. Compassion to the poor
39. The usage of bondmen
47. The redemption of servants
Leviticus 26: Rewards and Punishments concerning Obedience
1. Of idolatry
2. Reverence
3. A blessing to those who keep the commandments
14. A curse to those who break them
40. God promises to remember those who repent
Leviticus 27: Rules concerning Valuations
1. He who makes a singular vow must be the Lord's
3. The estimation of the person
9. of a beast given by vow
14. of a house
16. of a field, and the redemption thereof
28. No devoted thing may be redeemed
30. The tithe may not be changed
Numbers 1: The Census of Israel Totals 603,550, Exempting Levites
1. God commands Moses to number the people
5. The princes of the tribes
17. The number of every tribe
47. The Levites are exempted for the service of the Lord
Numbers 2: Arrangement of the Tribal Camps
1. The order of the tribes in their tents.
Numbers 3: Levites Designated as Priests
1. The sons of Aaron
5. The Levites are given to the priests instead of the firstborn
14. Are numbered by their families
21. The families, number, and charge of the Gershonites
27. Of the Kohathites
33. Of the Merarites
38. The place and charge of Moses and Aaron
40. The firstborn are freed by the Levites
44. The balances are refunded
Numbers 4: Duties of the Kohathites, Gershonites, Merahites
1. The age at which the Levites were to serve, and the duration of the service
4. The duty of the Kohathites
16. The charge of Eleazar
17. The office of the priests
21. The duty of the Gershonites
29. Of the Merarites
34. The number of the Kohathites
38. Of the Gershonites
42. And of the Merarites
Numbers 5: Purity of the Camp; the Adultery Test
1. The unclean are removed out of camp
5. Restitution is to be made in trespass
11. The trial of jealously
Numbers 6: The Vow of the Nazirite and the Priestly Blessing
1. The law of the Nazarite in the days of his separation
13. And after their completion
22. The form of blessing the people
Numbers 7: Offerings at the Tabernacle Dedication
1. The offering of the princes at the dedication of the tabernacle
10. Their several offerings at the dedication of the altar
89. God speaks to Moses from the mercy seat
Numbers 8: The Seven Lamps; Levites Set Apart; Retirement at Fifty
1. How the lamps are to be lighted
5. The consecration of the Levites
23. The age and time of their service
Numbers 9: The Passover and Cloud above the Tabernacle
1. The Passover is again commanded
6. A second Passover for the unclean or absent
15. The cloud directs the removals and encampments of the Israelites
Numbers 10: The Silver Trumpets; Israelites Leave Sinai
1. The use of the silver trumpets
11. The Israelites move from Sinai to Paran
14. The order of their march
29. Hobab is entreated by Moses not to leave them
33. The blessing of Moses at the removing and resting of the ark
Numbers 11: Complaints of the People and Moses; Quail from the Lord; Plague
1. The burning at Taberah quenched by Moses' prayer
4. The people crave meat, and loathe manna
10. Moses complains of his charge
16. God promises to divide his burden unto seventy elders,
18. and to give the people meat for a month
21. Moses' faith is staggered
31. Quails are given in wrath at Kibroth Hattaavah
Numbers 12: Miriam and Aaron Complain against Moses
1. God rebukes the sedition of Miriam and Aaron
11. Miriam's leprosy is healed at the prayer of Moses
14. God commands her to be shut out of the host
16. The people encamp in the desert of Paran
Numbers 13: The Twelve Spies Explore and Report on Canaan
1. The names of the men who were sent to search the land
17. Their instructions
21. Their acts
26. Their relation
Numbers 14: The People Rebel; Moses Pleads; Pardon and Rebuke
1. The people murmur at the news
6. Joshua and Caleb labor to still them
11. God threatens them
13. Moses intercedes with God, and obtains pardon
26. The Murmurers are debarred from entering into the land
36. The men who raised the evil report die by a plague
40. The people that would invade the land against the will of God are smitten
Numbers 15: More Offerings; Sabbath-Breaker Stoned; Tassels on Garments
1. The law of the meat offering, and the drink offering
14. The stranger is under the same law
17. The law of the first of the dough
22. The sacrifice for sins of ignorance
30. The punishment of presumption
32. He who violated the Sabbath is stoned
37. The law of tassels
Numbers 16: Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
1. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
23. Moses separates the people from the rebels' tents
31. The earth swallows up Korah, and a fire consumes others
36. The censers are reserved to holy use
41. 14,700 are slain by a plague, for murmuring against Moses and Aaron
46. Aaron by incense stays the plague
Numbers 17: Aaron's Staff Buds
1. Aaron's rod, among all the rods of the tribes, only flourishes
10. It is left for a monument against the rebels
Numbers 18: Duties and Offerings for Priests
1. The charge of the priests and Levites
8. The priests, portion
21. The Levites,
25. The heave offering to the priests out of the Levites' portion
Numbers 19: The Red Heifer and Water of Cleansing
1. The water of separation made of the ashes of a red heifer
11. The law for the use of it in purification of the unclean
Numbers 20: The Water of Meribah; Edom Denies Passage; Deaths of Miriam and Aaron
1. The children of Israel come to Zin, where Miriam dies.
2. They murmur for want of water
7. Moses smiting the rock, brings forth water at Meribah
14. Moses at Kadesh desires passage through Edom, which is denied him
22. At Mount Hor Aaron resigns his place to Eleazar, and dies
Numbers 21: Defeats of Arad, Sihon and Og; The Bronze Snake
1. Israel destroys the Canaanites at Hormah
4. The people murmuring are plagued with fiery serpents
7. They repenting are healed by a bronze serpent
10. Various journeys of the Israelites
21. Sihon is overcome
33. And Og
Numbers 22: Balak Sends for Balaam; Balaam and the Angel
1. Balak's first message for Balaam is refused
15. His second message obtains him
22. An angel would have slain him, if he had not been saved by his donkey
36. Balak entertains him
Numbers 23: The Prophecies of Balaam
1. Balak's sacrifices
Numbers 24: The Prophecy from Peor
1. Balaam, leaving divinations, prophesies the happiness of Israel
10. Balak, in anger, dismisses him
15. He prophesies of the Star of Jacob, and the destruction of some nations
Numbers 25: Israelites Sin in Moab; Phinehas Intervenes
1. Israel at Shittim commit unfaithfulness and idolatry
6. Phinehas kills Zimri and Cozbi
10. God therefore gives him an everlasting priesthood
16. The Midianites are to be troubled
Numbers 26: The Second Census Totals 601,730
1. The sum of all Israel is taken in the plains of Moab
52. The law of dividing among them the inheritance of the land
57. The families and number of the Levites
63. None but Caleb and Joshua was left of those who were numbered at Sinai
Numbers 27: The Daughters of Zelophehad; Joshua to Succeed Moses
1. The daughters of Zelophehad ask for an inheritance
6. The law of inheritances
12. Moses, being told of his death, asks for a successor
18. Joshua is appointed to succeed him
Numbers 28: Daily, Sabbath and Monthly Offerings; Passover and Feast of Weeks
1. Offerings are to be observed
3. The continual burnt offering
9. The offering on the Sabbath
11. On the new Moons
16. At the Passover
26. In the day of the firstfruits
Numbers 29: Offerings of the Seventh Month
1. The offering at the feast of trumpets
7. At the day of afflicting their souls
12. And on the eight days of the feast of tabernacles
Numbers 30: The Law of Vows
1. Vows are not to be broken
3. The exceptions of a maid's vows
6. Of a wife's
9. Of a widow's or her that is divorced
Numbers 31: The Slaughter of the Midianites and Division of the Spoils
1. The Midianites are spoiled, and Balaam slain
13. Moses is angry with the officers, for saving the women alive
19. How the soldiers, with their captives and spoil, are to be purified
25. The proportion in which the prey is to be divided
48. The voluntary offering unto the treasure of the Lord
Numbers 32: Reubenites and Gadites Settle in Gilead
1. The Reubenites and Gadites ask for inheritance on the east side of Jordan
6. Moses reproves them
16. They offer him conditions with which he is content
33. Moses assigns them the land
39. They conquer it.
Numbers 33: Summary of Israel's Journey
1. The forty-two journeys of the Israelites
50. The Canaanites are to be destroyed
Numbers 34: Borders of Canaan
1. The borders of the land
16. The names of the men who shall divide the land
Numbers 35: Designation of Cities for the Levites and Refuge
1. Forty-eight cities for the Levites, with their suburbs, and measure thereof
6. Six of them are to be cities of refuge
9. The laws of murder and manslaughter
31. No satisfaction for murder
Numbers 36: Zelophehad's Daughters Marry
1. The inheritance of daughters is remedied by marrying in their own tribes
7. Lest the inheritance should be removed from the tribe
10. The daughters of Zelophehad marry their father's brothers' sons
Deuteronomy 1: Summary of Israel's History: from Horeb to Spies in Canaan
1. Moses' speech in the end of the fortieth year
6. briefly rehearsing the history of God's sending them from Horeb
14. of giving them officers
19. of sending the spies to search the land
34. of his anger for their incredulity
41. and disobedience
Deuteronomy 2: Summary of Wanderings in the Desert
1. The story is continued, that they were not to meddle with the Edomites
9. nor with the Moabites
16. nor with the Ammonites
24. but Sihon the Amorite was subdued by them
Deuteronomy 3: Defeat and Division of Og; Moses Forbidden from Crossing the Jordan
1. The conquest of Og, king of Bashan
11. This size of his bed
12. The distribution of his lands to the two tribes and half
23. Moses prays to enter into the land
26. He is permitted to see it
Deuteronomy 4: Israel Urged to Obey; Idolatry Forbidden
1. An exhortation to obedience
41. Moses appoints the three cities of refuge on that side of Jordan
44. Recapitulation
Deuteronomy 5: Covenant in Horeb; Ten Commandments Recounted
1. The covenant in Horeb
6. The ten commandments
23. At the people's request Moses receives the law from God
Deuteronomy 6: Exhortation to Obedience and Prosperity
1. The end of the law is obedience
3. An exhortation thereto
20. What they are to teach their children
Deuteronomy 7: Warnings and Rewards for Driving out Nations
1. All communion with the nations is forbidden
5. for fear of idolatry,
6. for the holiness of the people,
9. for the nature of God in his mercy and justice,
17. and for the assuredness of victory which God will give over them.
Deuteronomy 8: God's Mercy
1. An exhortation to obedience in regard to God's mercy and goodness to Israel.
Deuteronomy 9: Reminders of God's Grace; The Golden Calf
1. Moses dissuades them from the opinion of their own righteousness
7. Moses reminds them of the golden calf
Deuteronomy 10: Rewriting of Stone Tablets Recalled
1. God's mercy in restoring the two tablets
6. in continuing the priesthood
8. in separating the tribe of Levi
10. in hearkening unto Moses' plea for his people
12. An exhortation to obedience
Deuteronomy 11: God's Great Blessings for Obedience and Love
1. Another exhortation to obedience
2. by their own experience of God's great works
8. by promise of God's great blessings
16. and by threatenings
18. A careful study is required in God's words
26. The blessing and curse set before them
Deuteronomy 12: Laws of the Sanctuary
1. Monuments of idolatry to be destroyed
4. The place of God's service to be kept
15. Blood is forbidden
17. Holy things must be eaten in the holy place
19. The Levite is not to be forsaken
20. Blood is again forbidden
26. and holy things must be eaten in the holy place
29. Idolatry is not to be enquired after
Deuteronomy 13: No Mercy for Idolaters
1. Enticers to idolatry
6. however near to oneself
9. are to be stoned to death
12. Idolatrous cities are not to be spared
Deuteronomy 14: Eating Only Clean Animals; Tithes
1. God's children are not to disfigure themselves in mourning
3. What may and may not be eaten
4. of animals
9. of fishes
11. of fowls
21. That which dies of itself may not be eaten
22. Tithes of Divine Service
23. Tithes and firstborns to be eaten before the Lord
28. The third year's tithe of alms and charity
Deuteronomy 15: The Seventh Year: Debts to be Cancelled, Servants Freed
1. The seventh year a year of release for the poor
7. one must be generous in lending or giving
12. A Hebrew servant, except by choice, must be freed in the seventh year
19. All firstborn males of the cattle are to be sanctified unto the Lord.
Deuteronomy 16: The Feasts of Passover, Weeks and Tabernacles
1. The feast of the Passover
9. of weeks
13. of tabernacles
16. Every male must offer, as he is able, at these three feasts
18. Of judges and justice
21. Asherah poles and images are forbidden
Deuteronomy 17: Appointment of Judges, Courts and Kings
1. The things sacrificed must be sound
2. Idolaters must be slain
8. Hard controversies are to be determined by the priests and judges
12. The one who shows contempt for the judge must die
14. The election
16. and duty of a king
Deuteronomy 18: Offerings for Priests; Spells and Mediums Forbidden
1. The LORD is the priests and Levites' inheritance
3. The priests' due
6. The Levites' portion
9. The abominations of the nations are to be avoided
15. Christ the Prophet is to be heard
20. The presumptuous prophet is to die
Deuteronomy 19: Cities of Refuge; More than One Witness Required
1. The cities of refuge
4. The privilege thereof for the manslayer
14. The landmark is not to be removed
15. At least two witnesses are required
16. the punishment of a false witness
Deuteronomy 20: Laws of Warfare
1. The priest's exhortation to encourage the people to battle
5. The officers' proclamation of who are to be dismissed from the war
10. How to use the cities that accept or refuse the proclamation of peace
16. What cities must be devoted
19. Trees must not be destroyed in the siege
Deuteronomy 21: Atonement for a Murder; Family Relations
1. The Atonement for an Unsolved Murder
10. The usage of a captive taken to wife
15. The firstborn is not to be disinherited upon private affection
18. A rebellious son is to be stoned to death
22. The malefactor must not hang all night on a tree
Deuteronomy 22: Additional Laws, Morality, Marriage
1. Of humanity toward brothers
5. The sex is to be distinguished by apparel
6. The bird is not to be taken with her young ones
8. The house must have battlements
9. Confusion is to be avoided
12. Tassels upon the vesture
13. The punishment of him who slanders his wife
22. of adultery
23. of rape
28. of fornication
30. of incest
Deuteronomy 23: List of Those Excluded from the Assembly
1. Who may or may not enter into the congregation
9. Uncleanness is to be avoided in the host
15. Of the fugitive servant
17. Of filthiness
18. Of abominable sacrifices
19. Of usury
20. Of vows
24. Of trespass
Deuteronomy 24: Law of Divorce, Leprosy, Justice and Charity
1. Of divorce
5. A new married man goes not to war
6. Of pledges
7. Of kidnapping
8. Of leprosy
10. Of pledges
14. The hire is to be given
16. Of justice
19. Of charity
Deuteronomy 25: Laws of Stripes, Oxen, Seed, Modesty, Weights and Measures
1. Punishment must not exceed forty lashes
4. The ox is not to be muzzled
5. Of raising seed unto a brother
11. Of the immodest woman
13. Of unjust weights and measures
17. The memory of Amalek is to be blotted out
Deuteronomy 26: Offering First Fruits and Tithes
1. The confession of him who offers the basket of firstfruits
12. The prayer of him who gives his third year's tithes
16. The covenant between God and his people
Deuteronomy 27: The Altar and Curses on Mount Ebal
1. The people are commanded to write the law upon stones
5. and to build an altar of whole stones
11. The tribes to be divided on Gerizim and Ebal
14. The curses to be pronounced on mount Ebal
Deuteronomy 28: Blessings and Consequences regarding Obedience
1. The blessings for obedience
15. The curses for disobedience
Deuteronomy 29: The Covenant Renewed in Moab
1. Moses exhorts them to obedience, reminding of the works they had seen
10. All are presented before the Lord to enter into his covenant
18. The great wrath on him who flatters himself in his wickedness
29. Secret things belong unto God
Deuteronomy 30: Restoration Promised; Life Offered
1. Great mercies promised unto the penitent
11. The commandment is manifest
15. Death and life are set before them
Deuteronomy 31: Moses Encourages the People; Joshua Is Commissioned
1. Moses encourages the people
7. He encourages Joshua
9. He delivers the law unto the priests to be read in the seventh year
14. God gives a charge to Joshua
19. and a song to testify against the people
24. Moses delivers the book of the law to the Levites to keep
28. He makes a protestation
Deuteronomy 32: The Song of Moses
1. Moses' song, which sets forth God's mercy and vengeance
46. He exhorts them to set their hearts upon it
48. God sends him up to mount Nebo to see the land, and to die
Deuteronomy 33: Moses Blesses the Twelve Tribes
1. The majesty of God
6. The blessings of the twelve tribes
26. The excellence of Israel
Deuteronomy 34: The Death of Moses on Mount Nebo
1. Moses from mount Nebo views the land
5. He dies there
6. His burial
7. His age
8. Thirty days mourning for him
9. Joshua succeeds him
10. The praise of Moses
Joshua 1: God Commissions Joshua
1. The Lord appoints Joshua to succeed Moses
3. The borders of the promised land
5. God promises to assist Joshua
8. He gives him instructions
10. Joshua prepares the people to pass over Jordan
12. He puts the two tribes and a half in mind of their promise to Moses
16. They promise him allegiance
Joshua 2: Rahab Welcomes the Spies
1. Rahab receives and conceals the two spies sent from Shittim
8. The covenant between her and them
23. Their return and description of events
Joshua 3: Israel Crosses the Jordan
1. Joshua come to Jordan
2. The officers instruct the people for their passage
7. The Lord encourages Joshua
9. Joshua encourages the people
14. The water of Jordan are divided
Joshua 4: Twelve Men Take Memorial Stones from the Jordan
1. Twelve men are appointed to take twelve memorial stones from Jordan
9. Twelve other stones are set up in the midst of Jordan
10. The people pass over
14. God magnifies Joshua
15. The priests commanded to come out of Jordan
20. The twelve stones are pitched in Gilgal
Joshua 5: Israelites Circumcised at Gilgal
1. The Canaanites are afraid
2. Joshua renews circumcision
10. The Passover is kept at Gilgal
12. manna ceases
13. An angel appears to Joshua
Joshua 6: The Walls of Jericho Fall
1. Jericho is shut up
2. God instructs Joshua how to beseige it
12. The city is composed
17. It is accursed
20. The walls fall down
22. Rahab is saved
26. The builder of Jericho is cursed
Joshua 7: Israelites Defeated at Ai; Achan Sins
1. The Israelites are smitten at Ai
6. Joshua's complaint
10. God instructs him what to do
16. Achan is taken by the lot
19. His confession
24. He and all he had are destroyed in the valley of Achor
Joshua 8: Joshua Conquers Ai; Covenant Renewed
1. God encourages Joshua
3. The plan whereby Ai was taken
29. The king thereof is hanged
30. Joshua builds an altar
32. writes the law on stones
33. and pronounces the blessings and curses
Joshua 9: Kings west of Jordan Join against Israel; Gibeonites' Deception and Servitude
1. The kings combine against Israel
3. The Gibeonites by craft obtain a league
22. They are condemned to perpetual bondage
Joshua 10: Kings Attack Gibeon; Sun Stands Still; Joshua Conquers Five Amorite Kings and S. Palestine
1. Five kings war against Gibeon
6. Joshua rescues it
10. God fights against them with hailstones
12. The sun and moon stand still at the word of Joshua
16. The five kings are murdered in a cave
22. They are brought forth
24. scornfully used
26. and hanged
28. Seven kings more are conquered
43. Joshua returns to Gilgal
Joshua 11: Northern Palestine Defeated
1. Diverse kings overcome at the waters of Merom
10. Hazor is taken and burnt
16. All the country taken by Joshua
21. The Anakims cut off
23. The land rests from war
Joshua 12: List of Defeated Kings
1. The two kings whose countries Moses took and disposed of
7. The thirty-one kings on the other side of Jordan which Joshua smote
Joshua 13: Canaan Divided among the Tribes
1. The bounds of the land not yet conquered
8. The inheritance of the two tribes and a half
14. The Lord and his sacrifices are the inheritance of Levi
15. The bounds of the inheritance of Reuben
22. Balaam slain
24. The bounds of the inheritance of God
29. and of the half tribe of Manasseh
Joshua 14: Land West of Jordan Divided; Caleb given Hebron
1. The nine tribes and a half are to have their inheritance by lot
6. Caleb by privilege obtains Hebron
Joshua 15: Territory of Judah Allotted
1. The borders of the lot of Judah
13. Caleb's portion and conquest
16. Othniel, for his valour, marries Achsah, Caleb's daughter
18. She obtains a blessing of her father
21. The cities of Judah
63. The Jebusites unconquered
Joshua 16: Territory of Ephraim Allotted
1. The general borders of the sons of Joseph
5. The border of the inheritance of Ephraim
10. The Canaanites of Gezer not conquered
Joshua 17: Territory of Manasseh Allotted
1. The lot of Manasseh
7. His coast
12. The Canaanites not driven out
14. The children of Joseph obtain another lot
Joshua 18: Remainder Divided; The Territory of Benjamin Allotted
1. The tabernacle is set up at Shiloh
2. The remainder of the land is described, and divided into seven parts
10. Joshua distributes it by lot
11. The lot and border of Benjamin
21. Their cities
Joshua 19: Allotments for Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, Dan, Joshua
1. The lot of Simeon
10. of Zebulun
17. of Issachar
24. of Asher
32. of Naphtali
40. of Dan
49. The children of Israel give an inheritance to Joshua
Joshua 20: Six Cities of Refuge Designated
1. God commands
7. and the children of Israel appoint the six cities of refuge
Joshua 21: Forty-eight Cities Designated for the Levites
1. Forty-eight cities given by lot, out of the other tribes unto the Levites.
43. God gives the land, and rest unto the Israelites, according to his promise
Joshua 22: Tribes beyond Jordan Return, Build an Offensive Altar
1. The two tribes and a half with a blessing are sent home,
10. They build the altar of testimony in their journey
11. The Israelites are offended thereat
21. They vindicate their conduct, and give them good satisfaction
Joshua 23: Joshua's Farewell Address
1. Joshua's exhortation before his death
3. by former benefits
5. by promises
11. and by threatenings
Joshua 24: Joshua's Summary of Israel's History; Joshua's Death
1. Joshua assembles the tribes at Shechem
2. A brief history of God's benefits from Terah
14. He renews the covenant between them and God
26. A stone the witness of the covenant
29. Joshua's age, death, and burial
32. Joseph's bones are buried
33. Eleazar dies
Judges 1: Israelites Capture Jerusalem, Hebron, Others
1. The acts of Judah and Simeon
4. Adonibezek justly requited
8. Jerusalem taken
10. Hebron taken
11. Othniel has Achsah to wife for taking of Debir
16. The Kenites dwell in Judah
17. Hormah, Gaza, Askelon, and Ekron taken
21. The acts of Benjamin
22. Of the house of Joseph, who take Bethel
30. Of Zebulun
31. Of Asher
33. Of Naphtali
34. Of Dan
Judges 2: Israel Rebuked and Defeated
1. An angel rebukes the people at Bochim
6. The wickedness of the new generation after Joshua
14. God's anger and pity toward them
20. The Canaanites left to prove Israel
Judges 3: Israel's idolatry and Servitude; Deliverance by Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar
1. The nations which were left to prove Israel
5. By communion with them they commit idolatry
8. Othniel delivered them from Chushan-Rishathaim
12. Ehud from Eglon
31. and Shamgar from the Philistines
Judges 4: Deborah and Barak Deliver the People from the Canaanites
1. Deborah and Barak deliver them from Jabin and Sisera
17. Jael kills Sisera
Judges 5: The Song of Deborah and Barak
1. The Song of Deborah and Barak
Judges 6: Oppression by Midian; Gideon Chosen; Destruction of Altar of Baal; Fleece
1. The Israelites for their sin are oppressed by Midian
8. A prophet rebukes them
11. An angel sends Gideon for their deliverance
17. Gideon's present is consumed with fire
24. Gideon destroys Baal's altar; offers a sacrifice upon the altar Jehovah-shalom
28. Joash defends his son, and calls him Jerubbaal
33. Gideon's army
36. Gideon's signs
Judges 7: Gideon Uses 300 Chosen Men to Defeat the Midianites
1. Gideon's army of thirty-two thousand is brought to three hundred
9. He is encouraged by the dream and interpretation of the burley cake
16. His plan of trumpets and lamps in pitchers
24. The Ephraimites take Oreb and Zeeb
Judges 8: Zebah and Zalmunna Taken; Gideon's Ephod and Death; 40 years of Peace
1. Gideon pacifies the Ephraimites
4. Succoth and Penuel refuse to deliver Gideon's army
10. Zebah and Zalmunna are taken
13. Succoth and Penuel are destroyed
17. Gideon revenges his brothers's death on Zebah and Zalmunna
22. He refuses government
24. His ephod the cause of idolatry
28. Midian subdued
29. Gideon's children, and death
33. The Israelites' idolatry and ingratitude
Judges 9: Abimelech Conspires to Become King, Falls after 3 Years; Shechem; Abimelech
1. Abimelech by conspiracy with the Shechemites, and murder of his brothers, is made king
7. Jotham by a parable rebukes them, and foretells their ruin
22. Gaal conspires with the Shechemites against him
30. Zebul reveals it
34. Abimelech overcomes them, and sows the city with salt
46. He burns the hold of the god Berith
50. At Thebez he is slain by a piece of a millstone
56. Jotham's curse is fulfilled.
Judges 10: Tola; Jair; Jephthah; Philistines and Ammonites Oppress Israel
1. Tola judges Israel in Shamir
3. Jair, whose thirty sons had thirty cities
6. The Philistines and Ammonites oppress Israel
10. In their misery God sends them to their false gods
15. Upon their repentance he pities them
Judges 11: Jephthah's Covenant with the Gileadites
1. The covenant between Jephthah and the Gileadites, that he should lead
12. The treaty of peace between him and the Ammonites is in vain
29. Jephthah's vow
32. His conquest of the Ammonites
34. He performs his vow on his daughter.
Judges 12: Jephthah, Ephraim, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon
1. The Ephraimites, quarrelling with Jephthah, are slain by the Gileadites
7. Jephthah dies
8. Ibzan, who had thirty sons, and thirty daughters
11. and Elon
13. and Abdon, who had forty sons, and thirty nephews, judge Israel
Judges 13: Israel Oppressed by the Philistines; Samson Is Born
1. Israel is delivered into the hands of Philistines
2. An angel appears to Manoah's wife
8. The angel appears to Manoah
15. Manoah's sacrifices, whereby the angel is discovered.
24. Samson is born
Judges 14: Samson's Marriage and Riddle
1. Samson desires a wife of the Philistines.
6. In his journey he kills a lion
8. In a second journey he finds honey in the carcass
10. Samson's marriage feast
12. His riddle by his wife is made known
19. He strikes down thirty Philistines
20. His wife is married to another.
Judges 15: Samson Burns the Philistine Crops
1. Samson is denied his wife
3. He burns the Philistines' corn with foxes and firebrands
6. His wife and her father are burnt by the Philistines
8. Samson smites them hip and thigh
9. He is bound by the men of Judah, and delivered to the Philistines
14. He kills them with a jawbone
18. God makes the fountain En-hakkore for him in Lehi
Judges 16: Samson and Delilah; Samson's Capture and Death
1. Samson at Gaza escapes, and carries away the gates of the city
4. Delilah corrupted by the Philistines, entices Samson
6. Thrice she is deceived
15. At last she overcomes him
21. The Philistines take him, and put out his eyes
22. His strength renewing, he pulls down the house upon the Philistines and dies
Judges 17: Micah's Idolatry
1. Of the money that Micah first stole, then restored, his mother makes idols
5. And he makes ornaments for them
7. He hires a Levite to be his priest
Judges 18: Danites Settle in Laish, Take Micah's Idols
1. The Danites send five men to seek out an inheritance
3. At the house of Micah they consult with Jonathan, and are encouraged
7. They search Laish, and bring back news of good hope
11. Six hundred men are sent to surprise it
16. In their way they rob Micah of his priest and his consecrated things
27. They win Laish, and call it Dan
30. They set up idolatry, wherein Jonathan inherits the priesthood.
Judges 19: A Levite's Concubine Degraded
1. A Levite goes to Bethlehem to fetch home his concubine
16. An old man entertains him at Gibeah
22. The Gibeonites abuse his concubine to death
29. He divides her into twelve pieces, and sends them to the twelve tribes
Judges 20: Israelites Defeat the Benjamites
1. The Levite in a general assembly declared his wrong
8. The decree of the assembly
12. The Benjamites, being cited, make head against the Israelites
18. The Israelites in two battles lose forty thousand
26. They destroy by a plan all the Benjamites, except six hundred.
Judges 21: Wives for the Benjamites
1. The people bewail the desolation of Benjamin
8. By the destruction of Jabesh Gilead they provide them four hundred wives.
16. They advise the remainder to surprise the virgins that danced at Shiloh
Ruth 1: Naomi and Ruth
1. Elimelech, driven by famine into Moab, dies there
4. Mahlon and Chilion, having married wives of Moab, die also
6. Naomi, returning homeward
8. dissuades her two daughters-in-law from going with her
14. Orpah leaves her, but Ruth with great constancy accompanies her
19. The two come to Bethlehem, where they are gladly received
Ruth 2: Ruth Gleans in the Field of Boaz
1. Ruth gleans in the field of Boaz
4. Boaz takes notice of her
8. and shows her great favor
18. That which she got, she carries to Naomi
Ruth 3: Naomi's Instruction to Ruth; Boaz Accepts Ruth
1. By Naomi's instruction
5. Ruth lies at Boaz's feet
8. Boaz acknowledges the right of a kinsman
14. He sends her away with six measures of barley
Ruth 4: Boaz Marries Ruth and Begins the Line of David
1. Boaz calls into judgment the next kinsman
6. He refuses the redemption according to the manner in Israel
9. Boaz buys the inheritance
11. He marries Ruth
13. She bears Obed, the grandfather of David
18. The generations of Pharez unto David
1 Samuel 1: Samuel Is Born to Hannah and Elkanah
1. Elkanah, a Levite, having two wives, worships yearly at Shiloh
4. He cherishes Hannah, though barren, and provoked by Peninnah
9. Hannah in grief prays for a child
12. Eli first rebuking her, afterwards blesses her
19. Hannah, having born Samuel, stays at home till he is weaned
24. She presents him, according to her vow, to the Lord
1 Samuel 2: Hannah's Prayer; Eli's Sons; Samuel's Childhood
1. Hannah's song in thankfulness
12. The sin of Eli's sons
18. Samuel's ministry
20. by Eli's blessing Hannah is more fruitful
22. Eli reproves his sons
27. A prophecy against Eli's house
1 Samuel 3: Samuel's Vision of the Fall of Eli's House
1. How the word of the Lord was first revealed to Samuel
11. God tells Samuel the destruction of Eli's house
15. Samuel, though loath, tells Eli the vision
19. Samuel grows in credit
1 Samuel 4: Philistines Take the Ark; Death of Eli
1. The Israelites are overcome by the Philistines at Ebenezer
3. They fetch the ark unto the terror of the Philistines
10. They are smitten again, the ark taken, and Hophni and Phinehas are slain
12. Eli at the news, falling backward, breaks his neck
19. Phinehas's wife, discouraged in her travail with Ichabod, dies
1 Samuel 5: Philistines Smitten while Possessing the Ark
1. The Philistines having brought the ark into Ashdod, set it in the house Dagon
3. Dagon is smitten down and cut and cut in pieces,
5. and they of Ashdod smitten with tumors
8. So God deals with them of Gath, when it was brought thither
10. and so with them of Ekron, when it was brought thither
1 Samuel 6: Philistines Return the Ark to Israel
1. After seven months the Philistines take counsel how to send back the ark
10. They bring it on a new cart with an offering unto Beth Shemesh
19. The people are smitten for looking into the ark
21. They send to them of Kiriath Jearim to fetch it
1 Samuel 7: Samuel Subdues the Philistines
1. They of Kiriath Jearim bring the ark to Abinadab, and sanctify Eleazar as guard
2. After twenty years,
3. the Israelites, by Samuel's means, solemnly repent at Mizpeh
7. While Samuel prays and sacrifices,
10. the Lord thwarts the Philistines by thunder at Ebenezer
13. The Philistines are subdued
15. Samuel judges Israel
1 Samuel 8: Israelites Disregard Samuel's Warning and Demand a King
1. By occasion of the ill government of Samuel's sons, the Israelites ask a king
6. Samuel praying in grief is comforted by God
10. He tells the manner of a king
19. God wills Samuel to yield unto the importunity of the people
1 Samuel 9: Saul Anointed by Samuel
1. Saul despairing to find his father's donkeys
6. by the counsel of his servant
11. and direction of young maidens
15. according to God's revelation
18. comes to Samuel
19. Samuel entertains Saul at the feast
25. Samuel, after secret communication, brings Saul on his way
1 Samuel 10: Saul becomes King
1. Samuel anoints Saul
2. He confirms him by prediction of three signs
9. Saul's heart is changed, and he prophesies
14. He conceals the matter of the kingdom from his uncle
17. Saul is chosen at Mizpeh by lot
26. The different affections of his subjects
1 Samuel 11: Saul Rescues Jabesh from the Ammonites; Saul Confirmed as King
1. Nahash offers them of Jabesh Gilead a reproachful condition
4. They send messengers, and are delivered by Saul
12. Saul thereby is confirmed, and his kingdom renewed
1 Samuel 12: Samuel testifies to Israel; God sends Thunder and Israel Repents
1. Samuel testifies his integrity
6. He reproves the people of ingratitude
16. He terrifies them with thunder in harvest time
20. he comforts them in God's mercy
1 Samuel 13: War with the Philistines
1. Saul's select band
3. He calls the Hebrews to Gilgal against the Philistines
5. The Philistines' great army
6. The distress of the Israelites
8. Saul, weary of staying for Samuel, sacrifices
11. Samuel reproves him
17. The three raiding parties of the Philistines
19. The policy of the Philistines, to allow no blacksmith in Israel
1 Samuel 14: Jonathan's Miraculous Victory; Saul's Foolish Order; Jonathan Disobeys
1. Jonathan goes and miraculously smites the Philistine's garrison
15. A divine terror makes them beat themselves
17. Saul, not staying the priest's answer, sets on them
21. The captivated Hebrews, and the hidden Israelites, join against them.
24. Saul's unadvised adjuration hinders the victory
31. He restrains the people from eating blood
35. He builds an altar
37. Jonathan, taken by lot, is save by the people
47. Saul's victories, strength, and family
1 Samuel 15: Saul's Disobedience and Samuel's Rebuke
1. Samuel sends Saul to destroy Amalek
6. Saul favors the Kenites
7. He spares Agag and the best of the spoil
10. Samuel denounces unto Saul God's rejection of him for his disobedience
24. Saul's humiliation
32. Samuel kills Agag
34. Samuel and Saul part
1 Samuel 16: Samuel Goes to Bethlehem and Anoints David
1. Samuel sent by God, under pretense of a sacrifice, comes to Bethlehem
6. His human judgment is reproved
11. He anoints David
15. Saul sends for David to quiet his evil spirit
1 Samuel 17: David and Goliath
1. The armies of the Israelites and Philistines being ready to battle
4. Goliath challenges a combat
12. David, sent by his father to visit his brothers, takes the challenge
28. Eliab chides him
30. He is brought to Saul
32. shows the reason of his confidence
38. and slays the giant
55. Saul takes notice of David
1 Samuel 18: Jonathan's Friendship with David; Saul's Jealousy
1. Jonathan befriends David
5. Saul envies his praise
10. seeks to kill him in his fury
12. fears him for his good success
17. offers him his daughters for snare
23. David persuaded to be the king's son-in-law,
25. gives two hundred foreskins of the Philistines for Michal's dowry
28. Saul's hatred and David's glory increase
1 Samuel 19: David Protected from Saul
1. Elkanah, a Levite, having two wives, worships yearly at Shiloh
4. He cherishes Hannah, though barren, and provoked by Peninnah
9. Hannah in grief prays for a child
12. Eli first rebuking her, afterwards blesses her
19. Hannah, having born Samuel, stays at home till he is weaned
24. She presents him, according to her vow, to the Lord
1 Samuel 20: David and Jonathan's Covenant
1. David consults with Jonathan for his safety
11. Jonathan and David renew their covenant by oath
18. Jonathan's token to David
23. Saul, missing David, seeks to kill Jonathan
35. Jonathan affectionately takes his leave of David
1 Samuel 21: David Takes the Consecrated Bread
1. David at Nob obtains Ahimelech's hallowed bread
7. Doeg is present
8. David takes Goliath's sword
10. David at Gath feigns himself insane
1 Samuel 22: Saul Slays the Priests of Nob
1. Companies resort unto David at Adullam
3. At Mizpeh he commends his parents unto the king of Moab
5. Admonished by Gad, he comes to Hareth,
6. Saul going to pursue him, complains of his servants' unfaithfulness
9. Doeg accuses Ahimelech
11. Saul commands to kill the priests
17. The footmen refusing, Doeg executes it
20. Abiathar escaping, brings David the news
1 Samuel 23: David Saves Keilah, Flees from Saul
1. David, enquiring of the Lord by Abiathar, rescues Keilah
7. God showing him the coming of Saul, and the treachery of the Keilites,
13. he escapes from Keilah
14. In Ziph Jonathan comes and comforts him
19. The Ziphites discover him to Saul
25. At Maon he is rescued from Saul by the invasion of the Philistines
29. He dwells at En Gedi
1 Samuel 24: David Spares Saul's Life
1. David, in a cave at En Gedi, spares his life
8. He shows thereby his innocence,
16. Saul, acknowledging his fault, takes an oath of David, and departs.
1 Samuel 25: Samuel Dies; David Marries Abigail
1. Samuel dies
2. David in Paran sends to Nabal
10. Provoked by Nabal's rudeness, he minds to destroy him
14. Abigail understanding thereof
18. takes a present
23. and by her wisdom
32. pacifies David
36. Nabal hearing thereof, dies
39. David takes Abigail and Ahinoam to be his wives
44. Michal is given to Phalti
1 Samuel 26: David Spares Saul a Second Time
1. Saul, by the discovery of the Ziphites, comes to Hachilah against David
4. David coming into the trench keeps Abishai from killing Saul,
11. but takes his spear and jug
13. David reproves Abner
17. and exhorts Saul
21. Saul acknowledges his sin
1 Samuel 27: David Flees to the Philistines
1. Saul, hearing David to be in Gath, seeks no more for him
5. David begs Ziklag of Achish
8. He, invading other countries, persuades Achish he fought against Judah.
1 Samuel 28: Saul and the Witch of Endor
1. Achish puts confidence in David
3. Saul having destroyed the witches
4. and now in his fear forsaken of God
7. has recourse to a witch
8. who, encouraged by Saul, raises up Samuel
15. Saul hearing his ruin, faints
21. The woman and his servants refresh him with meat
1 Samuel 29: Achish Sends David Away
1. David marching with the Philistines
3. is disallowed by their princes
6. Achish dismisses him, with commendations of his fidelity
1 Samuel 30: David Destroys the Amalekites and Divides the Spoils
1. The Amalekites raid Ziklag
4. David asking counsel, is encouraged by God to pursue them
11. By the means of a received Egyptian he is brought to the enemies,
18. and recovers all the spoil
22. David's law to divide the spoil equally
26. He sends presents to his friends
1 Samuel 31: Saul and His Sons Killed
1. Saul, having lost his army, and his sons slain,
4. he and his armor bearer kill themselves.
7. The Philistines possess the forsaken towns of the Israelites
8. They triumph over the dead bodies
11. They of Jabesh Gilead recovering the dead bodies by night,
12. burn them at Jabesh,
13. and mournfully bury their bodies.
2 Samuel 1: David Informed, Mourns for Saul and Jonathan
1. The Amalekite who accused himself of Saul's death is slain
17. David laments Saul and Jonathan with a son